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Newbury Gas Works

The client:Nelson Land LTD and PSP Consulting
Services:Design & Build of S278 / S38 Works, CFA Piling, Groundworks and Concrete Frame.

The Challenge:

Newbury Gasworks site, within the Sterling Industrial Estate, had a long history of industrial use leaving a heavily contaminated site within a built up area of Newbury surrounded by residential and commercial properties. Cognition Land and Water successfully completed the remediation phase of the development and were then selected by the Client for the follow on groundworks, concrete frame and highway works comprising S278 and S38 works.

The concrete frame comprised of six reinforced concrete frames on top of an undercroft carpark. The frames varied in height from between 3 to 8 stories. There will be 119 private residential apartments and concierge once the development is completed.

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The Approach

Our primary approach to all groundworks and concrete frames is to identify and seek out opportunities that bring both a financial and programme benefit to our Clients during the tender submission and pre-contract stage. Having completed the ground remediation, Cognition were able to take advantage of their prior knowledge of the site. As part of this review, Cognition identified an opportunity to raise the basement slab finished floor level removing the need to remove in excess of 3500m3 of hazardous and non hazardous material. Cognition also identified when reviewing the initial design information received at tender stage,  the approach adopted by the design team and previous preferred contractor would have compromised the remediation works and resulted in unforeseen further expense to the Client if they had been completed.

 To mitigate against the increased height with raising the building, Cognition identified the heights within the basement and upper floors were excessive for a residential development. As such, these heights were reduced to ensure the overall building height and massing were maintained, without compromising the apartments design for the Clients purchasers.

 As the development is of a piled foundation solution and the depth to groundwater was a couple of meters below the proposed basement level, Cognition identified the basement car park could be revised from an in-situ concrete slab to a tarmac road formation for the most part. This provided both a cost and time saving to our Client.

 In reviewing the final ventilation strategy of the car park, Cognition identified an opportunity with the increased levels to introduce perimeter openings for natural ventilation. Both of these design changes meant that the gas membrane which previously covered the full expanse of the car park could be reduced to core areas only and with the basement now being naturally ventilated, provided further cost savings to the Client with the following M & E contractors.

The Outcome

While the contract is still in its construction stages, Cognition have so far presented the Client with a project that has significant cost savings and benefits for the concrete frame package, dry lining package with standard board ceiling heights and reduced M & E liability by providing a partially naturally ventilated car park.

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