In 2020, Cognition teamed up with Climate Care to offset our total annual emissions and becoming Carbon Neutral for the first time. In the same year, the company committed to stay proactive, adopting and developing more sustainable remediation methodologies, selection of materials and energy sources we use, reducing the need for offset element of our emissions. Our long-term goal is to continue improving efficiency and minimise emissions from our routine site and office operations across the board.
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A zero carbon company
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A zero carbon company


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Cognition Opens New Oxford Office

14 December 2017

Thanks to continued growth, Cognition have opened a new office at the Harwell Innovation Centre, Oxford.

This office can be contacted through our main hub reception on telephone number 01932 246600 or fax 01932 246610. Correspondence address is:

Cognition Land and Water Limited

173 Curie Avenue,

Harwell Oxford Campus


OX11 0QG 

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