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Safety at our core
certified carbon neutral

At Cognition Land and Water, we pride ourselves on being an environmentally friendly and conscious company with a deep focus on the sustainability of our work.

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A zero carbon company
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A zero carbon company


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Cognition carries out a wide range of decommissioning in line with its demolition services. We define our decommissioning as the careful removal of items and the safe dismantling of a structure. This includes removing gas holder frames and setting aside for re-use.

Moreover, Cognition have undertaken a large amount of demolition including old sewage treatment plants, warehouses, concrete and steel frame buildings, bridges, petrol stations, gas works. Some of the more complex jobs are next to railway lines, rivers and can be severely contaminated with asbestos, radioactive materials and hydrocarbons.

Cognition also carry out large amounts of tank removal which often involves degassing, dewatering and sludge removal as part of the works. This can be above-ground tanks, underground tanks, fuel tanks, chemical tanks and gas work holders. We are currently removing sludge and water from the famous oval gasworks in conjunction with Woolridge Demolition.

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