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At Cognition Land and Water, we pride ourselves on being an environmentally friendly and conscious company with a deep focus on the sustainability of our work.

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A zero carbon company
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A zero carbon company


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According to the UK government's data, as of 2021, there were approximately 21,000 recorded landfill sites in the UK. However, it is important to note that not all of these sites are suitable for redevelopment due to various factors, such as location, contamination levels, and planning restrictions. The UK government has set out a number of policies and regulations to encourage the regeneration of brownfield sites, including landfills, and to support sustainable development. Therefore, it is possible that a significant number of these landfill sites could potentially be redeveloped with the right approach to remediation and planning.

Our landfill remediation services include soil stabilisation and dynamic compaction, which are effective techniques for restoring the stability and strength of soil on landfill sites. We have successfully carried out landfill remediation for a number of developers and whilst land values remain high, there is growing interest in remediating these sites and redeveloping them.

Soil stabilisation involves adding binders such as lime or cement to the soil to improve its compressive strength, durability, and resistance to water infiltration. This helps to minimize the risk of soil settlement, subsidence, or other forms of instability that could affect the long-term viability of any new development on the site.

Soil stabilisation also serves to encapsulate residual soil contaminants such as heavy metals and PAHs. We also carry out bioremediation to treat residual organic contaminants allowing soils to be treated and remain in situ beneath a clean soil capping layer.

Dynamic compaction is particularly useful for sites with loose, uncompacted soil and involves using heavy machinery to compress and densify the soil and reduce the potential for settlement.
Our team of experts has extensive experience in designing and implementing soil stabilisation and dynamic compaction plans that are tailored to the specific needs and conditions of each landfill site. Our approach includes conducting thorough site assessments and soil testing to identify the most appropriate stabilisation and compaction techniques for each project. We also use the latest technologies and equipment to ensure efficient and effective soil treatment, while minimizing the environmental impact of our remediation efforts. Contact us to learn more about our landfill remediation services and how we can help you regenerate contaminated landfills.

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