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“Acumen Portfolio Solutions have been working on the Royal Wharf Project in the capacity of Client appointed Project Managers and Quantity Surveyors for over seven years.

Cognition were the first contractor on site carrying out demolition, site clearance and remediation works with Rob Fox acting at the time as Site Manager and Albert Brahilika as his site supervisor and six years later they both still remain on site carrying out technical and difficult works for the client.

Not in any way understating how exceptionally beneficial their specialist experience and the successful completion of their original package of works was to the overall viability and commercial success of the project. It was their professional and “can do” attitude of taking on all manner of tasks that they were asked to carry out, many were a result of a failure on the part of an unrelated third party and typically all were of the upmost urgency...I would have no reservations about highly recommending Cognition and their team."

Derek Martin, Acumen Portfolio Solutions Ltd

“Due to the efforts of the team and in particular your Cognition Team here on site we scored 100% with a Gold Rating...your people are going over and above and I cannot fault anything you are doing on site”.

Peter Trainer, Vistry Group

"The company and staff were extremely professional and knowledgeable...We would certainly consider Cognition for future remediation and groundwork projects. We were very pleased with the overall outcome of what on the face of it was a difficult project with lots of potential pitfalls."

James Belbin, Hanbury Properties

 “One of the best installations of large scale hydraulic propping that I have been privileged to be involved with. Cognition were working in an extremely challenging environment, but were able to overcome all issues effectively”.   

Mark Whitmore, VPPLC

"When Cognition arrived on the project in the 4th quarter of 2020 we were in the grip of the COVID 19 pandemic. Working practices proved challenging to ensure the wellbeing and health of everyone on the project as well as applying stress to the management teams. Afterall, we were trying to work under circumstances never experienced before in living memory.

Cognition and their site team were one constant. We were able to rely on a consistent team that were professional throughout with the right skill sets. This also applies to the site personnel. Relationships were developed with all personnel which aided in problem solving and innovation. Turn over of Cognition personnel was lower than one would normally expect, especially considering the climate at the time.

I would happily work with Cognition again".

Barry Major, Riverlinx

"Cognition Land and Water Limited are a great bunch to work with - no nonsense construction firm, there to get the job done. Best contract I’ve done for years".

Mark Thomas, Thames Yarra Consulting

“The Bow Common site is one of the best I have visited, being managed very well”.  “We were really pleased to hear about all of the proactive engagement that has been carried out with local residents”. “If all future sites at this stage are presented and managed the same we will be very pleased.”

Environment Agency following Bow Common site audit

“Our preference is to use Cognition as we’ve been very impressed so far with how you have worked at the former Homebase in Goodmayes”.

Technical Director, Fairview New homes

“Cognition was at the forefront of praise and good practices, ranging from high quality access arrangements, overall shaft tidiness, fantastic area segregation, etc.

I cannot thank you enough as a team for making this safe and well managed given the tight schedules we operate to.  Well done to all involved and well deserved.

Please keep up the good work!”

Construction Manager, Riverlinx

'The Site looked in a really good condition, Vivien Dent and Jamie Thompson (EA Controlled Waters and Planning, respectively) were both very positive in respect to the works that have been delivered to-date and the level of communication we have maintained throughout the project works. I would like to extend my thanks to all those involved in delivering these works during some testing months over the winter period.  The hard work will hopefully all pay-off in swift closure regarding the validation and verification process'.

Environment Agency site audit, St William

Cognition were an excellent contractor who were in the detail of the remediation works and gave great support working alongside the EA in gaining the necessary approvals. Cognition were very safety conscious and very innovative with the materials reuse on site that ensured no material left the site, highlighting their sustainability awareness. The works were carried out over seven months and were completed ahead of program. The onsite management by Gerry and Jack along with the senior support meant the smooth running of the works.  Cognition delivered an excellent programme of works, which unlocked the wider scheme enabling substructure works on Phase 1 to commence on time. I look forward to working with Cognition again in the near future.

Sebastian Bradley, Project Manager, St James and St William (Berkeley Homes)

Cognition are a reliable contractor with a pragmatic, collaborative ‘can do’ attitude to project delivery. They have demonstrated a clear understanding of the challenges experienced & have worked to overcome these in the most efficient way. The projects they have delivered are complex & large scale, & have been delivered on time and budget despite all risks and variables. Their input on this project has been invaluable in achieving the clients objectives.


Director, Lambert Smith Hampton

"Cognition shown great commitment, a proactive approach with a clear cooperation and attitude."

Juanjo Bregel, Senior Project Director - Riverlinx CJV

“Having worked with Cognition for many years as a supplier, I have found them to be professional, diligent, and friendly to work with. Together we have created a strong open two-way relationship that creates a great platform for success, a thoroughly exceptional client to work with.”

Joe Smolka, UK Sales and Development Manager, i2analytical

"Elab has worked closely with the team at Cognition for a number of years to deliver a premium service and it has proved to be a very successful relationship. The team at cognition listen carefully and are quick to respond to our requests and I cannot recommend Cognition Land + Water highly enough and it has proved to be a highly rewarding relationship, and we hope that it will continue for many years to come."

Brian Perry, Customer Relationship Manager, Elab (part of Cawood)