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Carbon Neutrality

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Cognition Land and Water
A Certified Carbon Neutral Company

At Cognition Land and Water, we pride ourselves on being an environmentally friendly and conscious company with a deep focus on the sustainability of our work.  In 2020, we adopted a Zero-Carbon Policy with the aim of becoming Carbon Neutral by the end of 2021.  By May 2021 we were able to announce that we had already achieved that goal some eight months early to become the first carbon-neutral contamination remediation and ground engineering contractor in the UK.

Continuing our substantial investment into more sustainable fuel and energy solutions, whilst delivering sustainable remediation and ground engineering solutions for our clients across all operations, Cognition has significantly increased our CO2 savings in 2022 when compared to 2021.  As a result, despite our growth as a company, we have maintained our carbon-neutral status for the second year in a row.  The strategies and programmes we have undertaken since 2020 have allowed us to achieve our carbon-neutral goals and also ensure this is consistently maintained and improved upon going forward. 

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We recognise that the greatest contribution we can make to reducing our carbon emissions is through the work we do for our clients.  By treating contaminated soils, manufacturing aggregates from demolition arisings and enabling their reuse, we directly reduce the need for the import of virgin material, prevent disposal and irreversible loss of natural resources and keep lorries off the road.  We have developed and applied innovative and novel technologies that are energy efficient and target specific contaminants such as our proprietary FabEx extraction system that directly removes free product from groundwater, eliminating the need to pump, treat and dispose of large volumes of water.  Our introduction of soil stabilisation into the UK in the early 2000s made way for the improvement and reuse of site-won soils in working platforms, pile mats and road subbase, again minimising soil disposal and maximising reuse onsite.  Our research and development in the field of bioremediation has enabled us to develop treatment additives to tackle some of the most heavily contaminated soils, enabling their reuse rather than disposal to landfill.  We also tackle some of the most challenging sites such as former landfills, bringing marginal and challenging brownfield land back into beneficial whilst also helping to meet the UK’s housing needs.

As our company grows, we will continue to focus on reducing our carbon consumption by: 

  • Increasing reuse and recycling to minimise waste soil disposal
  • Switching from fossil fuels to more sustainable energy sources
  • Replacing older equipment and company vehicles with more energy-efficient models
  • Increasing use of renewable energy across all future sites

Our long-term goal is to continue improving efficiency and minimise emissions from our operations.  We have undertaken to reduce the offset element of our emissions and stay proactive, adopting and developing more sustainable remediation methodologies, and selection of materials and energy sources we use.

You can read our full Zero Carbon Policy here and please contact us for more information.'

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