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Cognition Completes Groundwater Remediation at Fulham

24 May 2023

Cognition has successfully completed a significant groundwater remediation project at a former fuel depot at Fulham site. The main source of contamination in the ground at the site was hydrocarbons, particularly Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (LNAPL), which was impacting the groundwater quality both within and beyond the site boundary. Cognition deployed our FabEx system - an innovative, cost effective solution for the remediation of free phase oil contamination, which eliminates the need to pump and treat huge volumes of water. The systems are powered independently by solar panels and occupy a very small foot print allowing other works to continue on site unaffected by the groundwater remediation works.

The works included:

  • Installation of twenty 100mm recovery wells optimised for NAPL recovery;
  • Recovery potential tests to determine the mobility and recoverability of the LNAPL;
  • Extraction of recoverable NAPL using the FabEx NAPL fabric extraction system;
  • Verification reports demonstrating achievement of an agreed remedial endpoint.

Cognition initially performed recovery potential tests to determine the mobility and recoverability of the NAPL and demonstrate if NAPL recovery was sustainable. If proven to be sustainable, a secondary objective of the test was to determine the optimal NAPL recovery rate from the geological formation present. Alternatively, if NAPL recoverability proved to be limited or unachievable, Cognition use the results to demonstrate to the Environment Agency that recovery is not warranted, thus enabling sign off.

 The NAPL Fabric Extraction System (FabEx) was used extensively throughout the site depleting the LNAPL plumes and recovering 374 litres of LNAPL with almost no water extracted from the ground that might require further treatment and disposal.

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